Welcome to the Transformation and Lighthouse Counseling Center

The Transformation Center is a faith-based counseling center that exists to serve the greater Chattanooga and Dayton communities by teaching families and individuals the skills necessary to break negative behavior patterns and live healthy, functional lives. Our belief is that personal change should bring about social change and compassionate action.  We have counseling Centers in Chattanooga and Dayton

At The Transformation Center, you will find therapists with a broad range of specialties, including adolescent counseling, marriage and family therapy, sex therapy, grief and trauma therapy, and Biblical/pastoral counseling.  Each of our counselors is either licensed or a candidate for licensure in the state of Tennessee. For more information on each counselor’s credentials and specialties, please visit the “Our Counselors” or “Dayton Counselors” tab.

In addition to individual and family counseling, The Transformation Center also offers a variety of psycho-educational groups that aim to teach individuals and families how to implement restorative behaviors as opposed to destructive behaviors. For more information on classes and groups, please visit the “Services” tab.  Here is a list of classes offered by Arianne Brigner: Parenting, Adjusting to Motherhood

For more information and interaction with The Transformation Center please explore this website or call us at 423-499-9335.

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Visit The Transformation Center’s home church, City Church.