Counseling Services We Offer


Our office houses multiple individual practitioners with vast specialties. We offer individual, couples and family counseling for adults, adolescents and children. A few of the issues our counselors treat are depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, trauma recovery, chemical dependency, substance abuse, sexual addiction, codependency, eating disorders, conduct disorders of childhood, abusive relationships, difficulty with life transitions, pastors and congregations in crisis, career issues and job stress, challenges of parenting, divorce recovery, grief, marital and family dysfunction, sexual problems in marriage and anger management. Our counselors can also help you build and strengthen a healthy personal identity, healthy relationships, fulfilling marriages, meaningful parent-child relationships, as well as a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

 Cooperative Parenting

As part of the divorce process, the State of Tennessee requires divorcing parents to attend parent education seminars. In partnership with the Hamilton County Court System, we at The Transformation Center offer Cooperative Parenting and Divorce classes on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. The aim of these classes is to help broken families learn to communicate more effectively and to encourage divorcing couples to work together to decrease the negative impact of divorce on their children. For more details about the program and information on fees and scheduling, please refer to the “Cooperative Parenting” tab.

Abuse Intervention with Life Skills (AILS)

AILS is certified by the State of Tennessee and is classified as a non-profit, tax exempt organization serving Hamilton County and the surrounding counties for individuals charged with domestic violence or domestic assault. Some men or women also attend the program as a result of an order of protection issued by family court. AILS is the most extensive, informed and interactive resource to date examining the complex realities of abuse. Participants identify and explore the beliefs that support actions, justifications, and rationales for abusive behavior. They also learn non-violent behaviors to replace aggressive ones through class discussion and the use of the Power and Control Log. Although AILS is not part of the court system, a report is made to the court or probation officer about an individual’s class participation. In order to avoid dismissal from the program, participants must attend each session, participate, and complete the program. For more details about the program and information on fees and scheduling, please refer to the “AILS” tab.

Adolescent Anger Management

The Adolescent Anger Management Program is a 12-week program that is designed to reach out to teenagers who are experiencing difficulty in managing their emotions and/or anger levels. To achieve maximum participation, each group is limited to 12 students. Letters of completion will be issued at the end of the program. Topics discussed throughout the 12-week program include:

  • Acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own actions and responses
  • Principles of proactive thinking
  • Interpersonal relationship skills development
  • Recognition of angering triggers
  • Recognition/redirection of bullying
  • Critical Thinking skills development
  • Recognition of personal boundaries
  • Access to personal power
  • Identification of compensation skills
  • Improved social skills

This group meets from 4:45 to 6:00 PM. Insurance copays are accepted for all participants. Parents must enroll each participant prior to the first group meeting. Intake appointments may be scheduled by calling our administrative office at 423-499-9335.